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Guppy Penang leverages on our proximity to major MNCs and caters primarily to the automotive, electrical-electronic, electrical and semiconductor packaging, medical, office equipment and telecommunications sectors...
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Electrical-Semiconductor Packaging
Due to our strategic location close to major MNC players, we are able to work closely with major electronics and semi-conductor manufacturers to provide optimal plastic packaging solutions. As an ODM for the conception and design of custom-made semiconductor plastic packaging solutions, our main focus is on the production of IC pins, Reel and JEDEC Trays for MQFP and LQFP devices.

Guppy Penang’s capabilities lie in our ability to handle ESD for impregnated material and dipping processes efficiently, with a whole line of products ranging from conducive to antistatic.

We place emphasis on the whole production process, from commencement of design to the end delivery, ensuring that our clients’ products reach their destination safely for maximum profitability.
Following shown our business nature of Guppy Penang:
Electrical-Semiconductor Packaging
Medical Products
Office Equipment
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