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Equipped with over 70 state-of-the-art injection machinery ranging from 18 Ė 850 tonnage including 2K and Thermoset machines, our Penang plant is able to perform a wide range of secondary processes from assembly,...

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Value Added Engineering
At Guppy Penang, our professional engineering team possesses many decades of experience and expertise under our belt, offering unrivalled, value-added service to our customers with utmost professionalism. Our teamís diverse skills and vast knowledge gives us the edge in fulfilling the rigorous requirements of the various industries we serve.

Our focus on cost-saving measures from delivery to packaging, tooling, modification, second sourcing and etc. is testament to our commitment to meeting our customersí cost saving plans. With the teamís enhanced capabilities, we are able to transform simple layout plans to DFM, Mould Flow Analysis and Prototyping implemented during the NPI phase, ensuring production feasibility and efficacy within set budgets.
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